Voice Acting

Rikki has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2000 under the name “Rosearik Rikki Simons” and as of 2003, under just “Rikki Simons.”  His most famous role was GIR, the robot-in-a-green-dog-suit side-kick to ZIM in the ingenuously titled Nickelodeon animated television series, Invader ZIM, created by Jhonen Vasquez.  Besides GIR and many background characters on ZIM, Rikki also performed the voice of Bloaty the Pig, the hideous fat man in a pig costume who is even bigger without his suit.

Rikki also had a role in the English dub of yoshitoshi ABe’s comic masterpiece, NieA_7.  He voiced the alien, Borby.

Click here to hear Demo: http://www.rhumbaghost.com/rikki_simons_demo_2001.mp3

To book Rikki, contact: rikki@rikkisimons.com

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